Shampoo and rinse customers' hair.

Median Annual Wage: $18,760

Education: Post-secondary certificate (68%); High school diploma or equivalent (18%); Less than high school diploma (13%)

Projected Growth: Decline (-3% or lower)

Related Job Titles: Shampoo Assistant; Shampooer; Shampoo Technician; Stylist Assistant; Shampoo Person; Assistant Hairstylist; Apprentice Cosmetologist; Apprentice Stylist; Hair Assistant

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Source: O*NET OnLine information for Shampooers.

More Personal Care and Service Careers

  • Advise patrons with chronic or potentially contagious scalp conditions to seek medical treatment.
  • Treat scalp conditions and hair loss, using specialized lotions, shampoos, or equipment such as infrared lamps or vibrating equipment.

Source: O*NET OnLine information for Shampooers.

  • Active Listening - Giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times.
  • Service Orientation - Actively looking for ways to help people.
  • Monitoring - Monitoring/Assessing performance of yourself, other individuals, or organizations to make improvements or take corrective action.
  • Social Perceptiveness - Being aware of others' reactions and understanding why they react as they do.
  • Coordination - Adjusting actions in relation to others' actions.

Source: O*NET OnLine information for Shampooers.

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